Barrio wanted to get to know Nadeem better.

Lisa has planted so many seedlings she will be able to supply all her friends with fresh vegetables.


Did you give Louis my phone number?

They gave no heed to the warning.

You look nice with your hair short.

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They prayed that their daughters would forgive them.

Do you really want it?

This one is a lot easier.

He screamed like a woman when he removed the pot's lid and saw my head.

The cat has two ears.

How do I delete a sentence?

I think it's time for me to discuss the problem with her.

You obviously love Van and he obviously loves you.

What time will we reach Akita if we take the 9:30 train?

I thought Vicki was Rajarshi's girlfriend.

Help me with the wash.

I'll never forget what Natraj said.

Joel is doing well in school.

This is perfectly legal.

The man robbed the old man of the bag.

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The other day, I thought about you.

Nicolo is as giddy as a schoolgirl.

Dan was arrested at church.

Did you miss me?

This might hurt.

She's not like Dori!

Na'vi language is used in Avatar.

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His eyes are red.


This task is impossible for me to accomplish.

Do you ever think about her?

They were better than I expected.

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You do not really understand a man till you have met him.


I can't believe that spider is still there.

I'm interested.

We saw a good film yesterday.

Stu's dog follows him everywhere.

Real is quite active for his age.


Olson burst into the apartment.

Radek takes everything for granted.

Dwight's parents have a huge house.


Raghu rushed down the corridor.

It's cold in my city, Warsaw.

I saw that.

His manners are not those of a gentleman.

I came to say I'm sorry.

Shean's not a good liar.

She is in a green dress.


If you look at the lyrics, they don't really mean much.


Be nicer to your brother.

I indulged in some duty-free shopping at the airport.

Ramneek found it difficult to please Jack.

I like to cook all kinds of food.

I cut a branch from the tree.

Touch an animal to hear its sound.

She didn't keep her word.

Change is in the air. And when people demand change, it is the job of politicians to respond.

They sent us the results.


Washington's army has captured Trenton.


How beautiful it is!

In Japan wages are usually in proportion to seniority.

The police officer put handcuffs on Saiid.

The dishes got sent to the wrong table.

Don't you understand that?

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Professor Smith is recognized to be one of the greatest scholars in English philology.

Tell me whom you talked about.

Hi girls.


I don't want your pity.


I don't like what they call a man of character.

How long do you think Bea will be gone?

Do you know how that looks?

You should probably buy a hat to wear.

Let me know if there's something I can do.

Lee wears too much makeup.

Please explain it to me later.

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She refuses to say more about it.


Kiki lives off campus.

I'm not lazy.

Why are there three?

I trusted them.

Are these all the same price?

I've got to get her to help.

That's exactly what he wanted.

We're very well prepared.

Do you want to hear something interesting?

Those aren't tacos.

Is your school far away from your house?


Let me get my wind.

I hate playing cards.

Not everybody succeeds in life.

Pim grabbed the phone out of Tyler's hand.

This accident has psychologically traumatized him.

I've got to get to class.

There's no point in doing that.


He's losing too much blood.


Vincenzo filled the bucket to the top.

Sarah did his best, but he failed anyway.

I'll try to explain it to you to the best of my ability.

You throw a good ball nowadays, Keiichi.

Could you please give me the pencil?

There weren't any other elephants nearby.

You sure had me fooled.


Barbara hates me, you know.

Don't just stand there. Do something.

Miki is sucking his thumb.

I'm giving you an opportunity.

She melted snow.

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Be careful. I don't want you to hurt yourself.

There are a lot of parks in London.

I will make you pay for this.


He has got a beautiful car.

How much longer do you think it'll be until the job is finished?

Herve's body was cremated.


It was very generous of you to buy all these things for us.


I don't usually snore.

When he come back, I'll say to him.

I think she's out looking for a job.


I wish I had an 80-yen stamp.


He just wants to impress us with his macho attitude and show us what a great guy he is.

Willing mind is what I have found at last.

Mom baked a cake for my birthday.

What do I get in return?

I still haven't found my keys.

May you all be happy.

Torsten is not as fat as I am.

Nobody knows what will happen next.

We want to see them.

He infected himself with AIDS.

He blames his failure on bad luck.

When was the last time you used a toll road?

I can't believe I'm hearing this.

I don't feel like dancing.

You should have locked, or at least closed, all the doors.

I'm giving you a direct order.

He has a bad habit of drinking too much wine.

Thousands of candles illuminated the church during the ceremony.

A network of railroads soon spread over the entire country.

It's optional.

Soohong didn't understand the joke Gale told.

Doing nothing is the most difficult thing in the world, the most difficult and the most intellectual.

I've been sentenced to death.

I know that it is highly unlikely that anyone can help me.

I can't imagine what you're going through.

I was expecting a lot more.

They said the deal was off.

Something you should know about me is that my greatest fear in life is that people will find out that I'm poor.

Work is more important.


The dean shook hands with each of the graduating students.

I want to see the countryside.

Andreas finally succeeded in getting a job that he liked.


We're both here for the same reason.

If Hui joins your team, I will, too.

What book is this?

That's not what I'm going to do.

I'll spend a very fun, stressful and exhausting Saturday evening!

Who's watching the kids?

Take your umbrella with you in case it rains.

Thirteen percent were opposed.

We had to check coats and hats.


The medicine cured him of his illness.

I don't want to know what his name is.

I am not getting involved.

If you're finished reading that book, I'd like to borrow it.

Just one look at the amusing dispenser, colorful animal tiles, two-sided bingo cards, and transparent monkey chips and you know you're in for some serious fun.

That old man was sound asleep when the bear came.

Manolis is a little guy.


"How many push-ups can you do, Gerald?" "I used to be able to do a hundred easily, but I wonder how many I can do now. Maybe 50 or so?"

I studied in Boston for three years.

Eduardo ran out of the house.